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For those of you on Pinterest, have you been making any pins? Even though I haven’t been posting any Make a Pin Monday posts, I’ve still been doing lots of Pin-related creating, on the culinary front at least.

New here and curious for some MAPM background? Go here. The basic philosophy of MAPM – don’t just pin it, do it!

Today I’m going to share some savoury recipes I’ve pinned, cooked and loved. A lot of these have been dinners at night, hence there’s no photos (and they would be some pretty ugly photos if there were any!) But enough inane chatter, let’s talk recipes:

I’ve made these apple sage chickpea burgers and chickpea hummus burgers in bulk and stashed them all in the freezer. Come lunch time, I pull one (or two) out, defrost in the microwave and pair them with a big salad, and either a lemon vinaigrette or some Greek yoghurt dressing. Both of them are really good recipes but I think the apple sage ones are my favourite – the earthy, herby sage takes the taste of these veggie burgers to a whole other level.

This pearl barley and Puy lentil salad was fabulous – as is the photography for this recipe (and in fact, all the recipes on this woman’s blog.) I can’t wait to play around with the pearl barley/Puy lentil combination and add some different ingredients.

This quick corn cake was the perfect vessel for a snatched lunch involving leftover chili, some avocado and a dollop of Greek yoghurt (are you getting the feeling I like Greek yoghurt? Obsessed may be a better description right now.)

I love the flavours of this twice baked sweet potato, though it does take a little time to cook in the oven.

And I haven’t made these little pies, but I ate them at a friend’s party and could not stop shovelling them into my mouth. Pastry, soft mash potato and meaty, minty, satisfyingly savoury lamb? These are absolutely addictive.

I just did a count and I have made just over 20 of the 200+ recipes I have pinned. Some of the photos I’ve pinned are purely because I like the food photography, so all in all, it’s not bad going. Plus, trying new things from articles I’ve pinned is inspiring me to try new recipes sitting in my cookbooks, my folder of tear outs…you get the idea.

As for how many pins I’ve made from my Crafty Inspiration folder…umm *cue crickets chirping*. Get on it Jane!

Until next Monday (one hopes!) happy pinning and happy creating!


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Even though it’s been a while since I posted about my Make a Pin Monday progress, I’ve still been making an effort to make those “pins” more than just a good idea.

Mind you, a whole heap of new pins have joined my boards in recent weeks; it’s just way too easy to lay down on the couch in front of the TV with the laptop and pin…

I don’t have photos for any of the things I’ve made (they’ve been eaten too quickly, or given away before I could take a photo) but allow me to present a virtual smorgasboard of what I’ve been doing:

  • I made cranberry curd, inspired by this pin. I used a Nigella recipe for cranberry curd instead of the recipe listed though. Must say I love the idea of a cranberry curd (as well as the vivid magenta colour of the curd) but the end result…I must admit I’m not totally in love with it. One to work on, perhaps.
  • I made these gingerbread cookies as Christmas treats. Not bad, but not really what I was hoping they’d be. A soft, spicy, light golden gingerbread like my sister-in-law’s eludes me yet. And she won’t give me the secret recipe…
  • These were made for my card making class and also sent with Mr B into work. Chocolate chip cookie bars with a cheesecake filling – I liked the idea, and these bars were quite moreish. But they didn’t really set my taste buds on fire with strong desire. Not in the way Caramel Loaded Brownies do, or the way the double deckers do, for that matter. Give them a try though – they may float your boat.
  • And for a little balance on all the sugar, I made these for the thousandth time. I could eat a kilo of these on their own, but Mr B doesn’t get as excited about them as I do. They are definitely worth trying for yourself, you may find them as addictively scoffable as I do.

On a crafty note, we made these cards at my card making class in November. But in all seriousness, next year I just need to bite the bullet and sew some pretty bags and clothes. The thing that scares me though is “wasting” some nice fabric by making a mistake – or ten. In other words, I just needs to harden up, take the plunge and learn from MY mistakes. I’ll keep you posted, because putting it in writing makes me accountable.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Make a Pin Monday post – and remember, don’t just pin it – do it!

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Wow, it’s been a busy start to the week. Meetings, appointments, functions, and a whole lot of baking (accompanied by a whole lot of washing up.) I don’t think I want to see another vanilla cupcake for a while…

It’s already Wednesday (and November…how did that happen?) and I’m tired. I’m a little under the weather today and while I was lying on the couch, getting sucked into the visual vortex that is Pinterest, I decided it was high time to write my first Make A Pin Monday post…even if it is Wednesday.

What is Make a Pin Monday? MAPM (as I will refer to henceforth) is my attempt to make my growing Pinterest habit a productive one.

But first, what is Pinterest? It’s a website which acts as a virtual pin board for all those cool things you see on the Internet. Whenever you see a recipe you’d like to make, a craft tutorial you want to try, a photo which takes your breath away…you can “pin it” to one of your boards, thanks to some clever software. You can follow your friends, and people you admire, and see what is inspiring them too. Browsing through Pinterest’s visual library is amazing…and the pinning thing is kind of addicting.

So, to make sure these images don’t just stay in my mind as ideas, I’m trying to make something from my pin boards at least once a week and sharing the end results to keep myself accountable, hence the idea for MAPM (and besides, it’s a pretty catchy name, you have to admit…)

Surprisingly, I’ve made a lot of “pins” already, mostly of the food persuasion (are we really that surprised people?) The “try new things” philosophy has also extended to other areas of my life, and I’m working my way through my paper files of inspiration too.

Today I wanted to share one of my “pins” I have made – triple chocolate donuts from The Edible Perspective. I first tried Ashley’s gluten-free donut recipe for cinnamon donuts about a month ago, and was blown away. The texture was incredible – just like a donut you would buy from the shops, but they’re baked, not bathed in fat. There isn’t too much “bad stuff” in the ingredient list either. Mr B and I tore our way through that batch in no time at all – and I haven’t seen Mr B demolish baked goods like that in ages. I’ve got a picture to show you how cute and close to real donuts they look:

I used a donut pan I’ve had for years to get the shape – I’m sure you’d be able to find a pan on the Internet somewhere, considering every single food blogger seems to be making these donuts at the moment.

Since making the cinnamon donuts, I had been thinking of how delicious a chocolate version would be, and Ashley beat me to the punch. One look and I had those suckers pinned – I couldn’t wait to try this recipe out.

Don’t those babies look amazing (if I do say so myself?) I had three different toppings; the chocolate sprinkles, the tiny silver chacous and a caster sugar/cocoa/cinnamon mix. My icing was a little different to Ashley’s – I melted 3 tablespoons of butter, mixed in 1/2 cup icing sugar and 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, dunked the donuts in then coated them in sprinkles.

The end result? So good, especially while still a little warm. Gooey chocolate goodness, with the tender chew of a cake donut…and relatively healthy to boot. Mr B thinks these donuts are best eaten the day they’re made, as he took the batch in to work the next day and wasn’t as blown away as he was by the cinnamon ones. But his colleagues didn’t seem to have any complaints…

I can’t wait to try more of Ashley’s donut variations – I have quite a few pinned away, waiting to come to life in my kitchen.

Want to make these chocolate delights yourself? Here’s the recipe. Oh, and here’s the recipe for the cinnamon ones too. Goes without saying I want to try the lemon ones…

Just a note: sweet rice flour in Australia is known as glutinous rice flour – you can find it in Asian supermarkets and some grocery stores.

So that’s my first MAPM…on a Wednesday. Here’s to me actually posting next week on Monday!

Thanks again to all who commented on the blog your heart post. I honestly value and appreciate every single one of you, and thank you for your support. 

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